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 Yes, you are reading that right...

YOU could become the new intro to my podcast!

The only thing I love more than wine is MY VINOS so I am asking YOU, YES YOU, to create the new intro to my podcast.
We will be replacing our current intro with a 15-45 second intro clip created by one of you!

Submit Your Intro


Your intro clip entry must be created on TikTok

Your TikTok account must be public

The link must be submitted though the submission form below

The TikTok must be: 15-45 seconds

Use the hashtag on TikTok: #GetInMyIntro

More FAQs answered below!



Q: What do I need to say in my intro clip?

A: There is nothing specific I want you to say but if you listen to OTV, you will be familiar with the current intro which introduces the OTV podcast. I want my vinos to get creative but of course only those submissions that make sense to work as a new intro will be considered.


Q: Why do you need a video if it's just an audio clip for the Podcast?

A: Because if you win this, we want to show you off!


Q: What if I am not a musician?

A: Music is not a requirement but some of you may want to turn this into a sort of "jingle" if you will. So you can include music, or not, but if you do **PLEASE NOTE** your music choice MUST be an original or it MUST be stock music that can be copyrighted.


Q: I don't have any professional recording devices... what should I use?

A: Use your iPhone/Smartphone, Laptop, iPad or whatever it is that has a video function and also records audio... if for any reason the quality of the audio does not meet the Podcast requirements but your submission is the best, then you will still be selected as the Winner and we will have you re-record the exact same content you submitted but with more clear audio. Don't get too stressed out over the quality - I want REAL.


Q: When will the Winner be announced?

A: I'm hoping to have a Winner chosen and announced by April 30th but we have no idea how many submissions we are going to receive and need to review so additional time may be required.


Q: What does the Winner win?

A: BRAGGING RIGHTS OF COURSE! Oh and did I mention - you will be invited onto Off The Vine podcast for a guest segment with me!


Most importantly, GET CREATIVE VINOS!