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FAQs: Club Dew-Z

Hey Scrunchiegang! Got any question? Please see the most frequently asked questions about the Club Dew-zy changes below

No, you don't need to do anything on your end. The only time you need to re-sign up for the Ambassador program is if you change your username.

No worries! You have until July 15, 2022 to use your points towards discounts, and product redemptions - same as before!

Yes, any points left on your account that havent been used by July 15th will automatically expire.

Not to worry, we can help! Just send us an email to with your order number and we can manually adjust your order and points balance!

We'll be sending out an email soon with updates to the ambassador program & information on how to sign up if you're not already a member.

Not on Club Dew-Z. Our ambassador program will be the only loyalty program offered at Dew in order to streamline our process. You can use your points up until July 15th but you won't be able to earn more.

Free Shipping through Club Dew-Z is not available as the program is no longer live. We've extended point redemption for discounts & products to make sure that our members had the opportunity to use their already earned points.

Not through our Club Dew-Z program. There will be opportunities for rewards through our Ambassador program only.