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Spring Break Tour - Calgary & Toronto

Spring Break Tour - Calgary & Toronto

I’m on the final leg of the Off the Vine Spring Break tour, and I can’t believe how much fun it’s been. I’ve met amazing people in every city we’ve visited and the audiences have been crazy fun. Shout out to all my Vinos for making this trip special, I couldn’t have done it without you!

I also couldn’t have done it without Reebok, who made sure I was looking slick in Calgary and Toronto. Whether I was on a train, on a plane or on stage in front of a rowdy crowd, I was rocking a Reebok look that somehow managed to make me look cool and feel comfortable. The Classic Leather Double Sneaker made busting some moves on stage feel effortless and the Reebok Dance Cropped Hoodie was perfect for lounging around after the show. And I wasn’t the only one decked out in head to toe Reebok! While I was at the mic, Brandi was rocking the DJ booth in the Gigi Hadid Track Jacket with the Gigi Hadid Track Pants (and mannnn did she look good doing it).

I am also absolutely in love with the Marble Full Zip Hoodie and Marble Pants combo I got to wear in Toronto (and have pretty much not taken off since). It’s like a sweat suit that you WANT to be seen in in-public. Can I have one in every color, please?

Reebok also pumped up the party in Calgary and Toronto with an amazing dance activation that got everyone dancing. These girls and guys had some serious moves and some serious abs. I’ll definitely be stealing their style (and hopefully their swag).

If you liked any of the looks you saw on tour, head to and use the code KAITLYN for 20% of your own Reebok outfit! Check them out at @reebokcanada and @ReebokClassicCA.


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