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Kaitlyn x Decorist

Kaitlyn x Decorist

It’s been a few weeks since the very talented Jessica McCarthy from Decorist made my interior design dreams come true, and I still can’t believe this bright, beautiful space is the place I get to call home. If you’d told me I would have a podcast room in my house ten years ago, I would have said, “No way!” And then, “Wait, what’s a podcast?”



I’ve always found anything to do with moving, renovating and decorating daunting (even with Shawn there to lift the heavy stuff) but Decorist made the whole process a breeze. I’ve worked with them before both in person and online, and it’s always convenient, stress-free and fun. I didn’t have to hide in the garage with a bottle of rosé once!


Jessica let my inner HGTV host come out to help with the overall vision then took it from there, checking in along the way to make sure I loved everything. Both rooms are so me. From the whimsical pastel painting by the talented Tiffany Collins in our bedroom to the pink velvet curtains in the podcast room, every detail captures my unique sense of style.

I’ve always been a big fan of Bed Bath and Beyond and their chic furniture did not disappoint. The giant plush gray chair in my podcast room makes me feel like a total boss babe and the vibrant floral wallpaper by Anewall makes the whole room feel like the ultimate ladies’ lounge. It’s safe to say, I’ll be spending a lot more time working (drinking in my big gray chair) now that I get to call this fabulous spot my office.

Huge thanks to Jessica, Decorist, and Bed Bath and Beyond for making me never want to leave my apartment again. I can’t wait to start another project!


Photography: Alyssa Rosenheck

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