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Hair Care Routine with Biolage

Hair Care Routine with Biolage

*Today’s blog post is sponsored by Biolage!*

OK guys so as you all know by now I was on this dating show a few years ago….(haha)… and during my time on the show I learned so much about haircare and glam. I also learned what stress will do to your hair and how it will literally make it fall out. I could not believe that my hair was falling out….eeeeekkkkk

So, I was freaking out but once the show was over and I was able to rehab my life and hair I immediately googled ways to take care of my hair. Not only did I pop some vitamins that swore to help with hair growth, I also created a scrunchie line (DEW) because you all I know I love a good top knot and wanted to make sure I wore it in a scrunchie so it wouldn’t break even more. But one of the most important things I did was starting to use really great hair products- which is when I first became obsessed with Biolage. They have some of the best products—my favorites are the Biolage R.A.W. products which have natural-origin & vegan formulas, plus a bunch from their Biolage Styling line.

I try to limit shampooing my hair to a few times a week, then, when I blow dry, I apply a protective product- which is why I love the Biolage BlowDry Glotion. I divide my hair into sections and blow dry with a round brush. I avoid hot air. It takes a little longer to dry but whatevs. So think low and slow people – low and slow.

On days that I don’t blow dry my hair, I shampoo my hair and air dry it with Biolage AirDry Glotion. This product is awesome because it helps your hair to dry frizz-free, while still having enough texture to support any style I feel like that day.

And lastly I am obsessed with a good hair mask – right now I am loving the new Biolage HydraSource Deep Treatment Pack! I got an early preview of the Biolage Deep Treatment Packs—they’ll be widely available in March so keep an eye out- they come in the most adorable Capri Sun-like pouches!

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