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Behind the Scenes with Reebok Canada

Behind the Scenes with Reebok Canada

My last photo shoot with Reebok Canada was right after my trip to Iceland when I was in need of some major workout motivation after a week of amazing food and a few too many cocktails (if there is such a thing??). Nothing motivates me to get my sweat on like some kick-ass new workout gear, so it literally could not have been planned better!


Reebok showed up with some seriously show-stopping new looks, and I showed up ready to strut my stuff in patterned tights, vintage-inspired windbreakers and flashy sports bras galore. The shoot took place in a Toronto warehouse, which gave the whole thing a Rocky-vibe and made me feel totally hard-core (even though I’m definitely medium-core at best).

It was pretty cold for this Nashville girl, but the Reebok team had puffy coats waiting for me after every shot, and we managed to power all the looks with before I lost any fingers to frostbite. The outfits were all retro-inspired streetwear, and I was dying to wear them out after the shoot. There’s nothing I love more than workout gear you don’t have to take off after the gym!


The shoot left me feeling excited to train, and I can’t wait to see what cool looks Reebok comes out with next!


Photography: Geary House

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